Accreditation is a process of rigorous and consistent evaluation of the total quality of an institution on part of the institution as well as by peers and an accrediting organization. It involves a comprehensive process of self-evaluation, followed by an evaluation of the same by a third-party independent organization. Accreditation is like a fitness test for institutions and the qualification of the same implies that an institution is above its other peers in terms of its total capability and quality.

  • To be fit and prepared for accreditation, an institution must be ready to:.
    1. Comply with the rigorous standards set by the accrediting organization
    2. Design, Develop and Execute an Institutional Effectiveness Plan
    3. Implement an Institutional Development & Growth Plan
    4. Undergo a regular audit and review of its financial stability, growth and development
    5. Undergo planned and unannounced visits by the accreditation team