Profile of seri

School for e-Education Research & Innovation is an ‘Education Services’ organization of devoted and capable experts in the field of education. Our team comprises of young as well as veteran professionals from the academia as well as the industry. Education Services, academics, school management, quality management and product design and product management are some of the major domains from where our team members hail. SERI functions and operates with the broad vision of bringing the best educational practices to students and learners globally. Our aim to contribute to anyone and everyone who wants a great K12 education of international standards.

The vision and mission of SERI is guided and governed by a Governing Council comprising of scholars, professors, authors, university deans, teachers and educational leaders. The Governing Council members are experts from the State/Province and Central/Federal Government of India including but not limited to CBSE, NCERT, SCERT, AICTE, MHRD& UGC .The leadership team at SERI includes Managing and business director, legal counsel, IT director, public relations and marketing director, and world renowned educational scholar Dr. Rob Leveillee. SERI is also supported by 32 fulltime and 150 part-time employees, 27 field consultants working diligently to achieve the vision and exemplify the mission of SERI. The broad scope and spectrum of work at SERI includes:

  • Authorization of school quality (SERI quality upgradation & improvement program)
  • Professional development for educators
  • Networking at university level
  • Philanthropic activities
  • Advocacy for AdvancED/NWAC
  • SERI NWAC Equivalency Program (NWAC High School Diploma Curriculum)