There is a wide scope of improvement that exists in our brick and mortar schooling system. We strive to provide global standards of school management to the schools in India. Better and continuously-improving schools can serve the cause of quality education for decades to come. Our conviction entails that we develop internationally recognized schools under our guidance and support, which would be known globally as schools of quality and commitment.

  • Educating all stakeholders about the salient features of NWAC accreditation.
  • We aim to establish NWAC as a preferred and widely accepted brand of choice among universities, colleges, schools and students alike. In continuation of this endeavour we inform and educate the above stakeholders regarding the salient features of NWAC accreditation.
  • Quality and accreditation support to schools.
  • We understand the basic infrastructure, facilities and resources required to achieve NWAC accreditation in India. We organize meetings, seminars and conferences so that the school management is informed and educated about the requirements for attaining NWAC accreditation. Our focus and ideas aim to develop schools as institutions of 'Continuous and Sustainable Improvement'. This helps the schools to work towards becoming better institutions and hence establish themselves as a leading choice among parents and students. Commitment and dedication to quality enhancement is what we strive for.
  • Providing framework of NWAC operations to schools.
  • This includes provision of NWAC scheme of operations and expectation management with schools. This also includes provision of Curriculum, Syllabus, Maintenance of Student Records, Admission standards and requirements for students, Conduction of Examinations, Declaration of Results and Academic Verification of students. In totality we hand-hold the schools in implementing our requisite framework for NWAC at the school level.
  • Monitoring continuous improvement at school level.
  • We support the schools to improve and hence we monitor and inspire them to inculcate the suggested modifications for improvement. In this process, we suggest improvements in infrastructure, teaching methodology, personnel training and learning experience among other things. We maintain monthly, quarterly and yearly supervision visits so that the process of improvement is gradual, continuous and smooth..
  • Enhancing the learning experience through schools.
  • We develop mechanisms with school management so that the total learning experience of the students is enhanced and improved. To accomplish the same, we develop short and long term goals which the schools imbibe as a part of their vision, mission and planning towards achieving accreditation.