SERI Education Service Sub Agency: Allocation Process

Step 1: Letter of Expression of Interest (EOI):
After due diligence and evaluation of the proposal and the proposition thereof, the leadership of the interested organization shall submit a formal Expression of Interest (EOI) on its letter-head clearly stating the willingness to be designated as the ESSA of SERI. The format of EOI is attached with this document and is also available online

Step 2: Memorandum of Understanding (MoU):
A Memorandum of Understanding (Processed Electronically), is a formal acknowledgement of the EOI submitted by the interested organization, and is sent by SERI corporate office to the interested organization. In principle, the MoU states that SERI acknowledges the EOI and is willing to work with the organization, post successful qualification of the organization and fulfillment/submission of all the required parameters/documents related to the shortlisting process.

Step 3: Submission of Application Form:
The duly filled Application Form for ESSA shall be submitted by the interested organization and an Application & Evaluation Fee of USD 500 is to be paid along with the duly filled Application Form. The applicant must ensure that all the required information/documents are submitted during the process of application, to ensure fair and thorough evaluation of the profile.

Step 4: On-Site Evaluation:
After the successful completion of the process of Application, a mutually convenient date for on-site evaluation of the prospective ESSA shall be provided by SERI. The SERI team consisting of a maximum of 4 members shall be visiting the prospective ESSA to evaluate the complete profile (including facilities, staff etc.) and documents (in original). The on-site evaluation shall be hosted by the prospective ESSA (including boarding, lodging, other expenses and local facilitations except the air travel).

Step 5: Signing of the formal Agreement for ESSA:
Post successful on-site evaluation and fulfillment of all the required parameters, as per the requirement of the process and discretion of the SERI Evaluation Team, a formal Agreement of allocation of ESSA to the respective organization shall be signed between SERI and the organization. The following fee shall be payable at the time (or before) of signing the Agreement:

  • One-Time Agreement Fee (Non-Refundable) of USD 10,000
  • Security Deposit (Refundable) of USD 20,000

The Agreement shall be valid for a period of 5 years from the date of signing and shall be renewable upon mutual consent of both SERI and the respective organization.

Step 6: Letter of Commencement:
A formal Letter of Commencement of Operations shall be issued by SERI to the ESSA upon successful signing of the agreement. The ESSA can then, formally begin its operations in the respective country/region/territory.

STEP 7: Formal Launch:
A formal launch including PR activities shall be conducted by SERI and the ESSA in the respective territory to showcase the product/services to the interested individuals/schools/organizations

To apply for an ESSA of SERI, please click here