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That the fee or any charges applicable to the said academic course/examination is non-refundable. SERI / NWAC Regional Office shall not be responsible to refund any fee or amount, in any case, and any dispute with regard to the same shall not be entertained.

SERI/NWAC Regional office or any of its associates do not take any responsibility for any rejection for the candidate, in any case including but not limited to refusal of acceptance of admission by any institute/school/college/university etc. or refusal of grant of eligibility / acceptance for any Central Govt./State Govt./Private Job/vacancy by any Govt. or Private body whatsoever the case maybe, on the basis of this AHSDP qualification or the Diploma/Transcript related to this AHSDP qualification/examination, and under any such case or any other pretext/reason, there shall be no fee refund (whether part or whole).