AdvancED has recognised and accredited SERI, as an Education Service Agency (ESA). It is our endeavour to support AdvancED in its quest for providing quality K-12 education to students around the world. SERI also offers an accredited (by AdvancED) American High School Diploma Program and does so, in partnership with schools, institutions and organisations of quality. In its quest to support the vision and mission of AdvancED, and thus take quality K-12 education to various territories around the globe, SERI associates with schools, institutions and organisations in various countries. Such associations come under the umbrella of Education Service Sub Agencies (ESSA) of SERI.

SERI engages in a holistic process of shortlisting and designating an ESSA in a particular country. It evaluates the academic, infrastructural and technical knowhow of interested parties, and assesses how they will absorb and radiate the shared vision of AdvancED and SERI. It also tries to understand and analyse how a particular ESSA shall take this shared vision to schools and students in the respective region. We are dedicated to provide world-class K-12 education around the world, in collaboration with committed and focused organisations that share our vision, and want the students, schools and parents in their respective region to benefit from our joint quest for educational excellence. Any institution/organisation dedicated to propagate this shared vision, can apply to us for evaluation and assessment of its candidature for an ESSA.