Managing Director/ Chief executive officer

Managing Director, Seyduddin

In less than a decade SERI has become a name to reckon with and the overwhelming choice of discerning schools wishing accreditation of world standards. SERI's fruitful collaboration with Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC)/Cognia (Formerly AdvancED) brings global quality standards to schools. NWAC/Cognia (Formerly AdvancED), having widest international footprint, is one of the six regional US accrediting agencies authorised to provide accreditation. Cognia (Formerly AdvancED) is a collaboration entity of three of these six regional accrediting agencies. SERI is an accredited Educational Service Agency (ESA) and supports NWAC-Cognia (Formerly AdvancED) endeavors.

Our collaboration enables us to fill up the gap between the schools and NWAC-Cognia (Formerly AdvancED) while creating innovative curricula for schools. Further, having the flexibility of the courses depending upon the schools situated in different parts of Asia, including India, makes it attractive and interesting for schools and students. The number of schools under our umbrella have been surging. Our research is the watermark of our effort and impacts the creation, selection and value addition of courses. With NWAC-Cognia (Formerly AdvancED)'s support we are able to access innovative educational solutions in various countries thus providing rich cross cultural experience in curriculum development. SERI also provides an individual student learning platform and we are extending it to a number of countries. In many countries it is financially difficult for some parents to afford school education, and we shall provide cost effective solutions for them.

In the coming five years we intend revolutionizing our role and taking the world by storm of quality education. We shall be providing financial aid to underprivileged students especially the girl child. To encourage merit we shall create a fund for high performance students and arrange for monetary support. One of our desires is to identify brilliant and fine-minded students in the primary grades and nurture them. With noble intentions to make K-12 education globally allied, I wish the blessings of everyone.