Pass Criteria for External Assessment/Examination in NWAC AHSDP

A student is considered as successfully qualified or PASS in a particular subject of NWAC AHSDP if she/he secures a minimum aggregate of 60 per cent marks in all assessments (including internal, external, theory and practical components of assessment/examination) as and where applicable. If the student fails to secure this minimum of 60 per cent marks as an aggregate, then she/he will be considered as FAIL in that particular subject.

A student is considered as successfully qualified or PASS in the particular grade/class of NWAC AHSDP if she/he is PASS in ALL subjects of that particular grade/class in which she/he appeared for (or chose as a part of her/his particular grade/class or chose to appear for) the internal/external assessments. Under no circumstances, a student who fails to PASS in all subjects (or fails to appear for all subjects in the internal/external assessment/examination) will be awarded a PASS status for the respective grade/class of NWAC AHSDP.

A candidate will be awarded 'PASS' status if she/he gets a grade equal to or higher than D in all subjects of external assessment in which she/he took the year-end (annual/final) external assessment in the particular academic session. In order to be declared as having successfully 'PASSED' the year-end examination in subjects which have a component of 'Practical', the student must secure an aggregate of grade D or higher in the assessments of Practical & Theory components aggregated together.