Syllabus Of Grade X - PHYSICAL EDUCATION (PE1003)


  • This syllabus is divided into two parts. Both the parts are compulsory.
  • Separate marks are given with each part.
Part Area Covered Marks
A Theory 70 read more
B Internal Assessment 30 read more
Total Marks : 100 Time: 3 Hours


Theory (70 Marks)

1. Health and Hygiene

a). Personal health - Personal cleanliness. Oral hygiene. Principles of diet with reference to teeth, slimming and obesity. Correct posture. Exercise. Recreation: Foot care. Sleep requirements. Dangers of misuse of drugs, including alcohol and smoking.

b). Diseases, defects and injury - Causes of disease, bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa. Vaccination and antibiotics, disinfectants and antiseptics. Spread of bronchitis, pneumonia, TB, VD, malaria, ringworm, athlete's foot through contact, droplet infection, flies and other insects. Arthritis, rheumatism and heart disease.

c). Community health - Dangers from gas, electricity, fire, poisoning and accident.

2. First Aid

a). Treatment of cuts and abrasions. Application of splints.

b). Treatment of sprains, cramps and cases of drowning.

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Part B : PHYSICAL EDUCATION Practical (PPE1003)

Internal Assessment (30 Marks)

Physical Efficiency Tests

The following tests to evaluate the physical fitness of candidates will be organized and conducted in the presence of the External Examiner. Tests 1 to 3 should be carried out on one day and 4 to 6 on the next.

a) Test 1

50 meter run. Standing start. Timings to be taken to the nearest tenth of a second (weather should be relatively windless without extremes of temperature).

b) Test 2

Standing long jump. A flat non-slip surface should be used. The candidates should stand with toes just behind the take-off line and jump when ready. After making a preliminary swing with the arms, the candidate swings them forward vigorously, springing with both feet simultaneously to land as far forward as possible. Distance jumped, to be measured in centimetres.

c) Test 3

Distance run - 1000 meters run for boys, 600 meters run for girls. Time to be taken to the nearest second. possible. The girl's body should be held straight throughout. If the body sways or arches, of if the subject does not go completely down or does not push completely up, half credit is given up to 4 half credits.

d) Test 4

Shuttle run. A flat course of 10 meters is required to be measured between two parallel base lines. Behind each base line, as a semicircle 50 cm radius with centre on the base line is required to be marked. Two wooden blocks (5x5x5 cm) are to be placed in the far semicircle. The candidate stands with feet behind the base line, and on a signal, runs to the far line, picks up one block which the candidate places in the starting semicircle when he/she returns. The candidate then repeats the procedure with the second block. The time to the nearest tenth of a second is to be taken till the second block is grounded in the starting semicircle.

e) Test 5

30 - second sit-ups. The candidate lies with his/her back on a mat or flat surface, feet about 30 cm apart and knees flexed at right angles. The candidate's hands with fingers interlocked are placed behind the head. A partner holds the candidate's feet in contact with the mat or floor. On the signal "Go" the candidate sits up to touch the knees with his/her elbows. Without pause he/she returns to his/her starting position and immediately sits up again. The number of sit-ups completed in 30 seconds are to be counted.

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