Teacher Training

A sound development of child at the school level is possible only when the teaching community keeps evolving and re-discovering newer and more evolved teaching techniques. Additionally, being a great teacher is not just about being great at teaching techniques only. An effective teacher encourages and increases the self-learning ability of a child eventually making learning a habit and not just a class-based process. The development of the teacher as an academician and a social mentor is thus internal to the effective overall development of the child.

The T3 modules have evolved through extensive research which included multiple rounds of discussions and interviews with parents, teachers, school management, students and child psychiatrists from various nationalities and cultures around the world. What evolved and is still evolving is a program that encourages teachers to think like the school going students. T3 is an activity based multi-level training program that creates real-life classroom scenarios for teachers. In the absence of a formal post-education training for teachers in most parts of the world, T3 will serve to simulate learning and thinking scenarios on a regular basis.

Aims and Objectives:

The summary of the seven primary aims and objectives of T3 are:

  1. Including high social and community content in training
  2. Understanding individual differences and implementing learning strategies for all
  3. Developing collaborative work among educators on local as well as global level
  4. Establishing teacher training through interpretative and critical paradigms
  5. Encouraging contextual preparation and learning among the teaching fraternity
  6. Formalizing a Cross-Categorical and Multi-Tiered teacher learning platform
  7. Mentoring teachers through their interactions with experienced teachers

In order to assimilate our wide array of research towards the development of a global-level inclusive teacher education program, we have harnessed the skills and experiences of teachers and teacher educators from around the world. Some of these educators have been actively conducting smaller modules at K-12 institutions for more than a decade now. We also envisage developing a local teacher-educator community from eminent and effective academicians in every particular country. The local educators shall be extremely sensitized to the learning needs of the particular society. Additionally this shall also serve as an opportunity for teachers and schools to become a part of our quest for improving teachers’ abilities and skills.