Opportunity for ITI centers

NWAC provides an exclusive opportunity for ITI centers to enroll 2-year ITI trained students and also serve as examination centers for conducting NWAC Grade 12 level examinations for such enrolled students. ITI centers are encouraged to appl y for 'Enrolment & Examination Center' for NWAC American High School Program, which is a Grade 12 level qualification. This shall also serve as an opportunity for such ITI centers to play their part in imparting school-level education to students around them and thus contributing in educating the society at large.

How can ITI centers apply to become NWAC's 'Enrolment & Examination Center'?

ITI centers can express their interest by connecting on one of the following co-ordinates and sending their profiles:

Email: iticenterhead@nwacro.org

Phone: +91 8882932487

WhatsApp: +91 8882932487

We believe that all ITI centers have the capability to play this very important role in nation-building and must connect with NWAC to avail this opportunity.