• This syllabus is divided into eight units. All the units are compulsory.
  • Separate marks are given with each unit.
Unit Area Covered Marks
unit 1 Environment through Ages 10 read more
unit 2 Ecological Concept and Issues 15 read more
unit 3 Human Impact of Environment 10 read more
unit 4 Contemporary Environmental Issues 15 read more
unit 5 Environmental Conservation 15 read more
unit 6 Sustainable Development 10 read more
unit 7 Environmental Management 10 read more
unit 8 Energy and Environment 15 read more
Total Marks 100 Time: 3 Hours

Unit 1

Environment through Ages (10 Marks)

1.1 Environment-Origin, Evolution of Environment and its uses by Humans

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Unit 2

Ecological Concept and Issues (15 Marks)

2.1 Principles of Ecology: Composition and various Types of Ecosystem

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Unit 3

Human Impact of Environment (10 Marks)

3.1 Human Settlements and their impact on Environment

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Unit 4

Contemporary Environmental Issues (15 Marks)

4.1 Environmental Pollution and Natural Disasters

4.2 National and Global Environmental Issues

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Unit 5

Environmental Conservation (15 Marks)

5.1 Conservation of Biodiversity and other Natural Resources (Soil, Land, Water, Energy etc.)

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Unit 6

Sustainable Development (10 Marks)

6.1 Sustainable development with regard to Agriculture and Cleaner technology

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Unit 7

Environmental Management (10 Marks)

7.1 Environmental Ethics

7.2 Legislation for Environmental Improvement

7.3 Organization devoted to Environment of water

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Unit 8

Energy and Environment (15 Marks)

8.1 Energy use and its Impact on Environment

8.2 Energy Conservation

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Referred Book

  • NP Nootan Environmental Education for Class 12